Reno Health & Wellness

As the largest community between the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Great Salt Lake, our city is a gathering point for medical services, and the Reno health and wellness community is large, vibrant and growing. In fact, the health, wellness and medical industry is the largest employer in Northern Nevada. There are many large facilities in the downtown area, and these organizations also have branches and satellite locations scattered throughout the Truckee Meadows. Immediate attention is available at emergency rooms and urgent care clinics all over town. For more serious and long-term issues and care, there are clusters of offices conveniently located in different areas. And the large, modern facilities are equipped to deal with a wide range of life-threatening health and medical problems. But the Reno health and wellness providers don't just react to issues. They also stress a proactive approach to their clients' well-being. This includes mental and emotional health in addition to the physical aspect of the subject. It also includes dealing with occupational health and wellness. A large percentage of the jobs available locally can expose workers to environments that are both physically and emotionally stressful, so there are a number of programs designed to ensure and maintain labor-related safety, health and well-being.

Availability of Reno Health & Wellness

Despite the large number of Reno health and wellness providers, the population growth has outpaced the increase in the number of medical professionals. Be sure to plan ahead and book appointments with doctors, dentists and other health providers well in advance. You may also find that the provider with the quickest availability might not be the one closest to your location, so be prepared to drive just a little bit farther than you might expect.