Reno Beauty & Hair Care

This is a city that has a large stake in entertainment and appearances, so in Reno beauty and hair care is serious business. Nail salons can be found in every shopping center, and everyone seems to have their special go-to practitioner for manicures and pedicures. Hair salons are just about as numerous and range from shops that welcome drop-ins all the way to high-end beauty parlors that have waiting lists in order to book an appointment. Nor is the Reno beauty and hair care industry limited to serving a female clientele. Healthy skin and nails are important to quite a few men in the Truckee Meadows. And not only do the hair salons see a large number of male clients, but Reno is also home to several old-school barber shops that keep their customers looking trim with the latest hairstyles for both head and face. Reno beauty and hair care professionals are in such high demand that there are several schools and vocational centers in town to train the next wave of cosmetologists and beauticians. Graduates from these programs find work immediately upon completion of their education, and the salons still can't find enough experienced employees to meet their needs. Beauty and hair care is booming in Reno.

Reno Beauty & Hair Care in Resorts

One large market for professionals in Reno beauty and hair care is that of the large resorts in town. All of the larger resorts and hotels have on-site health and beauty spas and salons. These salons provide services for the tourists and visitors to the region and are also the first choice for many of the area's locals. They offer modern facilities and well-trained staff.